Mayor of Guildford Awards 2021

Richard Billington

Ash celebrates our local heroes:

Congratulations to all this year’s winners including local Ash Residents and Groups Alex Sanderson, Ash, Ash Vale & Ash Green Coronavirus support group, Bill & Jenny Cole & Carla Morson who were all presented with Community Heroes Awards. Mayor of Guildford Awards 2021 for Service to the Community was broadcast live on YouTube and presented by Nick Wyschna from the Guildford Fringe.

The Mayor of Guildford, Cllr Richard Billington, congratulated those receiving an award and said, “It is my pleasure to be able to honour so many people who have done so much to support their communities during this most extraordinary of years”.

Mayor of Guildford
Mayor of Guildford, Cllr Richard Billington

The broadcast also included a performance of “A million dreams”, from the film The Greatest Showman, by The Barricade Boys.

Community Heroes Awards

The presentation of the Individual Winners of the Community Heroes Awards were began by Cllr Julia McShane who said “I have the pleasure of announcing the first individual winners for the Community Heroes Award for 2021. One comment about one of the recipients stood out for me, which said that ‘most of what she does is on the quiet, but I know many people who are so grateful to her’. I think selflessness is a common quality amongst all of tonight’s winners, whether they are helping homeless people, making face masks, delivering information leaflets, setting up vaccination centres, or supplying free Christmas dinners to those who are on their own. All of these Winners have given their time, energy and commitment to support their community at a time when it was needed most. Congratulations to: Jennifer Ashwood, Madeline Baker, Joan Barnett, Shelina and Ian Blinkhorn, Angela Breen, Sophie Brown, Bill and Jenny Cole, Charlotte Fraser, Paul Galley, Helen Garood, Marta Gaskin, Kirstie Jones, Jasmine Kapoor, and Sophoe Lee”.

Cllr John Redpath to continued the ward giving, who said “Our Community Heroes Award recipients, one of whom was described as “a modern day saint” by the person who nominated them. These people bring pride to their communities, and support friends and neighbours with advice, fundraising, food, litter picking, creativity, companionship and so much more. I have great pleasure in announcing our winners: Sasja McCann, Kavitha Madhuri, Beccy Matthews, Jan Messinger, The Ash, Ash Vale and Ash Green Coronavirus Support Group, Trevor Osborn, Ketan Patel, Jenni Pettit, Michelle Presley, Roshini, Rammeash and Mitthra Rammeash, Lisa Ryan, Alex Sanderson, Emma Terry, Tamera White, Jane & David Williams and Nick and Charlote Wyschna”.

Later in the Groups and Organisations Awards, Cllr Jan Harwood said “I am pleased to announce the groups and organisations which have won the 2021 Community heroes award. These are people who have used their collective strength to support their towns and villages, as well as other organisations, during the pandemic. Together they have achieved some amazing things in helping to ensure that our residents have food, friendship and much more. We congratulate: The Guildford Branch of the Ahmadiyya Muslin Association, Carla Morson and the Ash, Ash Vale and Ash Green Coronavirus Support Group, Caper and Berry, Foodwise, Peter Cluff and Guildford Philanthropy, Mandira’s Kitchen, Positano Restaurant, Puttenham Buddies Group, Catherine Bremford, Clare Porter, Ruth Hunter, Janice Calouri and the Ripley Corona Support Network, St Saviours Church Ruth Wilkinson and Send Community Aid, Kathryn Carr’s Send Scrubs Hub, Matt Gaskin and Unigold 2000 Ltd, and the staff of Watts Gallery Artists Village”.

Watch the service online

To find out about all the awards presented this year, Guilford borough council has shared the recording of the Mayor of Guildford Awards 2021 on YouTube, the broadcast starts 1 hour and 50 minutes into the recording which can be seen below.

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