Surrey’s Community Recycling Centres remain open

Surrey's Community Recycling Centres remain open

Surrey has many Community Recycling Centres which remain open for Surrey residents to use. There is no need to book, residents queue within their vehicles at the entrance as before until a safe parking spot becomes available. Our nearest recycling centres to Ash Parish are:

Each centre offers a wide variety of waste and recycling options, however these do vary between each site, please check the site page before you visit. The opening times also may differ, which are also published online. The current site rules advise that all visitors must adhere to the 2m social distancing rules and to follow the clearly marked walkways with access to the gantries limited to one at a time. Residents are asked to only bring what you can safely carry as site staff are no longer able to assist with moving waste and to double bag any waste from a household with COVID-19 systems after a 72 hour quarantine period before bringing to site.

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