New CCTV cameras to combat Fly tipping


At the meeting of the Full Council in February 2021, Ash Parish Councillors unanimously agreed to fund and install new CCTV cameras to combat fly tipping at Carrington Recreation Ground. The Chairman of the Council, Councillor Nigel Manning explained that Carrington Rec is a well-used Bring Bank site in the Parish for recyclables and during the Christmas period, substantial fly tipping occurred. This has not been helped due to the Community Recycling Centres (CRC) across the border in Hampshire being closed to Surrey residents. He added that fly tipping is a criminal offence and can cost anything from a £400 fixed penalty notice to a £50,000 fine or 12 months in prison if convicted in a Magistrates court.

The cameras proposed will also have Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) which means the cameras will be capable of recording vehicle number plates even at night.  This should help to deter people from dumping their rubbish at any time. Councillor Manning said similar cameras had worked well at the Coronation Gardens site on Ash Hill Road.  During 2020, the cameras there took some good quality photographs which enabled the Joint Enforcement Team (JET) at Guildford Borough Council (GBC) to take action, which has resulted in six people being fined totalling £1,200 and two were given legal warnings.

Carrington Recreation Ground
Photo of fly tipping at Carrington Recreation supplied by Cllr Tonks to Ash Parish News

For more information on fly tipping and how you can report it visit All Surrey community waste and recycling centres remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic and Guildford Borough Council offers a range of facilities to allow residents to recycle more from home. To find out more about these services please visit our infrastructure page at

1 thought on “New CCTV cameras to combat Fly tipping”

  1. Pity the CCTV at Ash Hill road Ash Vale for the playground and Skate Park are not turned on..Guess money saving but Play ground train Burnt out and Skate park full of teenagers ignoring the CLOSED COVID signs.Reported twice to police and also local Councillor but still continues. Maybe Fly tipping is more important that Death being spread by teenagers..

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