APC raises £1365 for the Frimley Health Charity

Frimley Health Charity

Throughout each year Ash Parish Council (APC) organises community events, such as the Village Fete, Christmas Fantasia and the forthcoming Free Brass Band Concert. At the end of each year, all the Council’s profits from its stalls and raffles are collected and donated to a single charity. For the year ending 31st December 2022, APC collected £1365 for its chosen charity, the Frimley Health Charity.

Presenting the donation

Cllr Nigel Manning (Chairman APC), Mr Dennis Wheeler (Clerk APC) & Cllr John Tonks (Chairman of APC Events Working Group), were invited by the charity to present their donation to a Senior Sister. The Ward Sister explained how the money will be used and thanked the whole of Ash for collectively raising this money for the Frimley Health Charity.

This donation was made possible due to the hard work of the Ash Parish Council Staff, Councillors & Volunteers who gave their time and energy to create great local events. APC plans to continue its annual fundraising drive, whilst also supporting great local causes, in 2023.

What a donation to the Frimley Health Charity Means

The charity’s vision is to improve patients’ lives, on its website, the charity said:

“A donation provides the Frimley Health Charity with the resources to respond flexibly to a changing world and to respond to emerging priorities – whether that’s supporting early-stage research, providing emergency support, or adapting to the changing landscape of charitable funding.

The support helps the charity get new projects off the ground and to a greater level than would have otherwise been possible. By purchasing the latest cutting-edge equipment in our drive for excellence and helping us create calm surroundings to help reduce the stress felt by many vulnerable patients, we will be able to improve lives across our hospitals for our patients, staff, and visitors.”

Would you like to volunteer?

The Events Team at Ash Parish Council is seeking volunteers to help operate its events. During The Village Fete, Remembrance Sunday & Christmas Fantasia, help is always needed to hand out service sheets, and managed the crowds and car park. If you are interested in helping, why not join their mailing list to be notified of forthcoming volunteering oppenuntiys to help the community, please send your name and contact detail via email to: events@ashpcsurrey.gov.uk.

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