Christmas Tree arrives in Ash Parish to mark the start of the festive season

APC Christmas Tree

Organised by Ash Parish Council, at the beginning of each festive season, Ash Parish residents have traditionally come together at Ash Wharf to celebrate the start of Christmas. Following the Christmas Fair held in the Ash Centre, residents gather at the Ash Wharf to sing carols and wait for Santa to arrive to switch on the lights on the Christmas tree.

This year, because of the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic, the Christmas Fair sadly cannot take place, nor can the community carol singing around the tree.

However, Christmas in Ash is NOT canceled!! Despite all the current government restrictions, the Christmas tree has arrived which has been funded by Cllr. Marsha Mosley out of her Surrey County Council Member’s Allocation. In addition, the Christmas light motifs, supplied by Ash Parish Council are also being hung throughout the Parish.

We are also expecting Santa to drop into Ash (socially distanced of course!) to switch on the lights on the Christmas Tree.  This will be filmed and will soon be uploaded to Ash Parish Council website.

Christmas Light
Ash Parish Council Christmas Motifs
Ash Parish Council Christmas Motifs


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