APC Support step-free access to Ash Vale station


Ash Parish Council Supports step-free access to Ash Vale station

On 28 September the Amenities, Finance and Administration Committee (AFA) of Ash Parish Council resolved to transfer £20,000 to ear-marked reserves to support any future proposal to provide step-free access to Ash Vale Station. This contribution by the Parish Council was first approved on 12th November 2018 following an approach by Network Rail for funding towards a bid to provide accessibility improvements to the station. The initial project was expected to cost approximately £3.3 million and Network Rail was looking for 10% to be provided by local authorities. This was achieved by gaining financial commitments from all surrounding authorities across county lines. However, the bid was unsuccessful and Guildford Borough Council has subsequently withdrawn its financial support for this possible project. Nevertheless to demonstrate its continuing full support for any proposal to improve accessibility to Ash Vale station Ash Parish Council has now ensured that the committed funds will now be held in reserve specifically for this purpose.

Dan McHugh’s campaign

A campaign for step-free access to the station has been championed by local resident, Dan McHugh, who has created an online Petition, now with over 2,500 signatures. Mr McHugh has done a fantastic job rallying support for the need for the improvements.

Please take action now and show your support by singing Mr McHugh’s Petition today!



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