Cattle Returning to Ash Ranges

Cattle Returning to Ash Ranges

Cattle Returning to Ash Ranges

Surrey Wildlife Trust (SWT) has advised Ash Parish Council that cattle will be returning to Ash Ranges to graze on Tuesday 12th May 2020, when it is hoped that normal firing use will continue.

SWT are aware that at the present time the access gates to the Range Danger Area (RDA) that the gates are currently open for free access to the RDA. SWT would like to advise users of the RDA that as the livestock will be freely grazing the RDA the gates must be CLOSED at all times so that the livestock remains within the area.
SWT will be installing signage and additional posters at every access gate to remind visitors to close the gates after passing through.

The SWT would also like to say that we are well into the Ground-nesting bird season (1st March – 15th September) and that people should keep to main paths and tracks across the Thames Basin Heaths and other heathland habitats, dogs should be kept under the effective control and put on a lead when livestock are close by or the dog is prone to chasing or running off.

Useful Contact Information

If you have any general Countryside Estate enquiries about the site management by SWT please e-mail
For any livestock emergency, (Surrey Wildlife Trust cattle only) please phone 07817 769672.
For access issues on the MOD estate please contact the Operations Room at Longmoor on 01420 483405.
For any wildlife crime, antisocial behaviour, arson and wildfire please contact 101 or 999 in an emergency.

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