Sparks Fund: Grants up to £2,000 to support communities impacted by Covid-19

Sparks Fund: Grants up to £2,000 to support communities impacted by Covid-19

The Voluntary Action South West Surrey (VASWS) Sparks Fund has been set up to award small Grant Applications up to £2,000, to support communities impacted by Covid-19. The fund is aimed and tackling the wider impact on health and well-being following the pandemic. Enabling communities to have increased participation, engagement and a role and say in how things are done on matters that impact them and where they live. This is to be achieved through small-scale community-led initiatives that benefit the local community and residents in the highlighted areas below. To apply, visit the online form, visit or visit

Areas to be supported:

Guildford – Ash Wharf, Stoke & Westborough

Waverley – Godalming – Central Ockford and Farnham – Upper Hale
Priority will be given to applications that:

  • invest in resident and community-led activities that will benefit local residents and neighbourhoods.
  • Will help build community connection and resilience, while mitigating the impact of Covid 19 and increases in the cost of living.

More information on the 2023 Sparks Fund

You can apply online using the VASWS online web form or please email / if you have any questions.


New Sparks Fund Annouched

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