APC: Three Parish Council Vacancies

Ash Parish Council

Following the May elections, three vacancies remain at Ash Parish Council. Applications are now open to those wishing to be co-opted. A co-opted member would then complete the remaining term in office. The closing date for co-option is 9th June 2023.

Ash Parish Council said:

We Are Co-Opting Three Parish Councillors
If you would like to make a difference and be involved in shaping the future of your local Community, why not step forward and apply to become an Ash Parish Councillor?

As a Parish Councillor, you are representing your community. You will help drive forward projects and get involved in community activities.

The Parish Council has a wide range of responsibilities and represents the interests of residents to other local authorities and organisations.

The role of a co-opted Councillor is exactly the same as that of an elected Councillor, it is very varied and can be extremely rewarding.

Applicants should note that Councillors are expected to attend monthly meetings and to represent the electors of Ash Parish in raising and discussing issues of interest on which the Parish Council is empowered to act.

The closing date for applications is 9 June 2023.

For more details Contact  Dennis Wheeler The Parish Clerk.

Telephone 01252 328287 or Email  dennis.wheeler@ashpcsurrey.gov.uk

Can I become a councillor?

To qualify for election and to be a councillor, an applicant must be:

  • a British, Irish or qualifying Commonwealth citizen
  • a citizen of any other member state of the European Union
  • 18 years of age by the day of nomination or election (the ‘relevant day’)

They must also be one of the following:

  • on the relevant day and afterwards, are on the electoral register for the parish
  • for 12 months before that day, they have owned or tenanted land or premises in the parish
  • for 12 months before that day, their main or only place of work has been in the parish
  • for 12 months before that day, they have lived in the parish or within 4.8km (3 miles) of the parish boundary

APC has also published more information here: https://www.ashpcsurrey.gov.uk/we-are-co-opting-three-parish-councillors/



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