The Great Stag Hunt

The Great Stag Hunt

The Peoples Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) has launched its Great Stag Hunt.  Stag beetles are in decline, but you can help by recording when and where you see one. This year, they are particularly interested in woodland sightings but you can still record any you see.

The Peoples Trust for Endangered Species said:

Stag beetles are one of the most spectacular insects in the UK. The male’s large jaws look just like the antlers of a stag. They spend most of their life underground as larvae, only emerging for a few weeks in the summer to find a mate and reproduce. Stag beetles and their larvae are quite harmless and are a joy to watch.

As well as reading our stag beetle facts, please help us protect this threatened British species by telling us about where they live near you and by making your garden stag beetle friendly.

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