Cllr Nigel Manning proposes freeze on Ash Centre and Allotment fee’s

Price Freeze

2021-2022 Price Review

At the Amenities, Finance and Administration Committee (AF&A), chaired by Cllr John Tonks, the members considered the 2021-22 price review including the hire of the Ash Centre and allotments. The Chairman advised that “Each year the charges are reviewed taking into account the retail price index for December of the previous year. The RPI for December 2020 is 1.2% based on Office for National Statistics figures”.

Cllr Nigel Manning proposed that these fees should be frozen at the current rate and said that,

“Bearing in mind we have frozen our council tax for this year, I think it would show that we are in touch with our community if we freeze the charges for the Ash Centre and the Allotments to the current amounts”.

“We should be encouraging people back to use the centre, and as we do so it would be good to let them know that there will be no increase in charges”

This motion was agreed by all members, the Ash Centre Fee’s and Allotment charges will not be increased.  The 2021-22 pricing will take effect from 1 April 2021.

Ash Centre Prices

Ash Parish Council publishes is prices on its website

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Ash Parish Council manage 2 Allotment sites including Harpers Road with 8 Plots and Shawfield Road with 82 plots.

The parish website advises that there is currently a waiting list, and to be placed on the waiting, residents are asked to please contact the Parish Office

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