Parish bus shelter replaced following vehicle collision

bus stop

Some years ago, following a request to Ash Parish Council (APC) from the residents who live in the sheltered housing at Japonica Court in Shawfield Road, a bus shelter was installed at the bus stop opposite. Sadly, the shelter received irreparable damage following a collision by a supermarket delivery van. The shelter was unsafe, so it was removed until a suitable replacement could be installed. The Parish Council has successfully pursued an insurance claim, however due to the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, delays were incurred in the manufacture and installation of the new shelter.

Chairman of Ash Parish Council, Councillor Nigel Manning was delighted to report as the last council meeting that earlier this month, the new shelter has finally been installed.


bus stop
Japonica Court bus stop without shelter

Whilst many bus stop’s have shelters these are largely provided by the bus operators themselves, and as a consequence not all stops are sheltered. This shelter was independently installed by APC for the benefit if residents accessing route 3 service towards Aldershot. The bus stop opposite operated routes 3, 41 & 42 towards Frimley.

The bus services for these bus stops are operated by Stagecoach.


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