The Ash Express has arrived

The Ash Express has arrived

The Chairman of Ash Parish Council, (APC) Councillor Nigel Manning has today confirmed that following the construction and safety checks, the fencing surrounding the new play equipment at the Ash Recreation Ground has been removed.

He said “I am thrilled that the new Ash Express has arrived, and I am very pleased that the train has been enhanced with the additional carriage. I would like to thank the trustees of the James Payne Memorial Fund who have generously paid for this. The play equipment was a great loss of amenity for the children in our community when last year, the original train was recklessly destroyed by fire“.

In anticipation of the Ash Express, some residents have commented on social media about their many happy memories in the park and that their children are excited to play there.  The park is monitored by CCTV and Ash Parish Council playgrounds are inspected weekly by APC’s qualified ground staff, in addition to quarterly inspections by third party experts who undertake a detailed operational inspection.

Ash Parish Council has also published these The Play Safe guidelines on their website which advises that “residents should not use any play area if they have Coronavirus (Covid-19) symptoms or have been in contact with anybody who has. Please ensure those with a disability are given priority. Adults should ensure children don’t put their mouths on equipment, or their hands in their mouth. Please don’t eat food in the play area and please put litter in the bin or take it home”.

The Ash Express has arrived
New play equipment at Ash recreation ground
play park
Ash recreation ground play park

Play two metres away from others not in your household/bubble
Leave no germs, wash your hands before and after use
Always clean equipment before use
Young children to be supervised carefully to maintain hygiene

Suggested maximum time here is 30 minutes
And one household/bubble for each item of play equipment
Family members, only one with each child please
End your visit if the play area is busy, or becomes busy, come back another time

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