Support Citizen’s Advice Ash with Co-op membership

Support Citizen’s Advice Ash at the Co-Op

To Support Citizen’s Advice Ash at the Co-Op, please register with the Co-Op membership scheme and choose Citizen’s Advice Ash as your chosen cause. There are 5 weeks to go until this round of funding ends. If you are already a member and have not re-selected your cause this year, it’s not too late. It does not matter when in the year you choose a cause, your spending is tracked against your Citizens Advice Ash

The more members that select Citizen’s Advice Ash as their cause and spend with Co-op, the more funding Citizen’s Advice Ash receives for this vital service to the community. 1p from every pound you spend supports causes such as the Citizen’s Advice.

£5 off voucher if you sign up today

From today, when a person becomes a Co-op Member using the Co-op App or online between now and 5 October, they will automatically receive a digital offer for £5 off shopping when they spend £15 in store.

Support Citizens Advice Ash

Have you chosen your Co-op charity?

Have you chosen your Co-op charity? Many residents make use of the Co-op membership scheme, which offers discounts to all its members. However, the majority of residents in the parish have still not chosen their local charity. When you buy selected Co-op branded products and services, the Co-op donates 2p for every £1 you spend. This money is then donated to local community causes, which you can choose, and you can see how much you have helped raise via the website or mobile phone app. Once chosen, all the money you have raised so far will be assigned to your chosen charity. Each year there are new charities and so members must re-choose a cause each year.

How to choose your cause?

Please download the App to your phone, log in and manage your account. Choose “membership” to select which local cause you wish to support.

If you do not have a mobile phone, visit and navigate to “Choose a local cause”.

How to become a member

It costs nothing to become a member;

Once registered, members can add weekly discounts directly to their accounts.

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