GBC Reopens Household Support Fund


Guildford Borough Council (GBC) has reopened applications for the Household Support fund. The Scheme awards up to £400 per household and will run until March 2023 or earlier if all funds have been allocated. GBC state that “The Household Support Fund helps ease financial pressure on residents with low incomes. It offers help with food, energy bills and other essential household items. The Department for Work and Pensions fund the scheme

Community Helplines for Guildford Borough Residents


What is the Household support fund?

The Household support fund was first launched in 2021 by the Department for Work and Pensions. It set aside £500m in support for vulnerable households over the winter. In 2022 this fund was doubled to £1 billion to support families with the cost of living. This fund has been divided between each county using the Barnett formula, which is the usual way to apply for additional funding in England for each county. The Household support fund is designed to help ease financial pressures on residents with low incomes. It is short-term financial support to help with food, fuel bills, and other related essentials.

Who is the fund for?

This support fund is aimed at those who are struggling with their food shopping and energy bills. This funding is for anyone who lives in the Borough of Guildford.

If you live within another council’s jurisdiction, visit their website and search for the fund.

How do I apply?

If you would like to apply for this fund or know of a household that may benefit from this, please complete the online application here

If you need help completing the form please email You can also visit The Hive on Wednesdays between 10 am and 12 noon. A member of the Community Wellbeing Team can help you apply.

Guildford Borough Community Wellbeing

Residents may also call 01483 458055 if they require assistance completing the form.

Guildford Community Wellbeing Team
The Hive, Park Barn Dr, Guildford GU2 8EN

Application process

Guildford Borough Council will process your application and make a decision based on the information provided in the application form and any other information available to the council. Applications for Mortgage support will not be awarded. Once a decision has been reached, the applicant will receive a written notice advising:

  • whether an award has been made
  • the reason for the decision
  • the intended use of the award
  • the amount of the award

If successful, they will make a payment directly to your bank account as quickly as possible to meet the agreed needs of the household. Guildford Borough Council has also advised that it may not always be possible to provide the full amount of funding required due to the limited funds they have available. This scheme is discretionary and there are no rights to appeal, however, the applicant may ask for the case to be looked at again if contacted within five days of the decision.

Household Support Fund


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