Spring has arrived in Ash Parish

Flower Bed

Spring in Ash Parish

Ash has many places to enjoy the sunshine and higher temperatures. New Buds are starting to appear on the trees and the tulips and daffodils are rising from their winter hibernation. This is nature’s time for new life and new beginnings. Parishioners may now start to feel a little more optimistic, with the roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccinations and planned easing of lockdown restrictions there now seems a brighter future on the horizon.

Flower Bed
Flower bed maintained by Ash Parish Council.

The Ash Parish ground staff continue to make our village a wonderful place to live by ensuring our flower beds are bursting with colour to raise our spirits.  These flowerbeds are maintained all year round in addition to green space’s and Parks.

The Lakeside and Snakey Lane Nature reserves are also lovingly conserved by volunteer groups who maintain them for Nature, the Environment and our residents to enjoy. These are now valued more than ever.

Frogs Spawn
Frogs Spawn:Lakeside Nature Reserve Play Area


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