Surrey PCC Election 2nd May 2024

Do you know about the new voter ID requirement?

Polling stations across Ash will open on Thursday 2nd May 2024. The poll is being held to Elect the Surrey Police Crime Commissioner (PCC). There are four candidates nominated for this election, including the current PCC, Lisa Townsend, who is seeking re-election.

Voters in England now need to provide a photo ID in order to vote at polling stations. You can use an expired accepted ID, provided it still looks like you. Polling cards have been sent to all registered voters, which direct which polling station to use. This information can also be found online using your postcode.

The Candidate information within the statement of persons nominated is printed in alphabetical order of surname.


Election of a Police and Crime Commissioner

Surrey Police Area

A poll will be held on Thursday 2 May 2024 between 7 am and 10 pm

The following people have been, or stand nominated for election as a Police and Crime Commissioner for the above police area.

Candidate name Address of candidate* Description of candidate
CHINN Kate (address in Surrey Police Area) Labour Party
COLEY Alex Foy (address in Surrey Police Area) Independent
KENNEDY Paul (address in Surrey Police Area) Liberal Democrat
TOWNSEND Lisa (address in Surrey Police Area) Conservative Candidate – More Police, Safer Streets

*or, if a candidate has requested not to have their home address made public, the name of their electoral area.

What is the role of the Police Crime Commissioner (PCC)?

The role of Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) was introduced across England and Wales in 2012. The PCC oversees how crime is tackled in the county and holds the police force to account on Surrey residents’ behalf to make sure they are providing an effective and efficient service. The Commissioner also works with the Chief Constable to set the overall direction for the force through the Police and Crime Plan, and proposes the amount of Council Tax that will go towards policing from Surrey residents.

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