GBC LCTSS Grant funding under threat

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GBC LCTSS Grant funding under threat

Each year Ash Parish Council receives a Local Council Tax Support Scheme Grant (LCTSS) from Guildford Borough Council (GBC). This grant remained at £44,986 for 2023/24, however, at a recent Parish Meeting, Cllr Manning warned that to his knowledge, the current GBC administration had not made a commitment that this grant will be continued in its current form, or at all beyond the next financial year.

The loss of this grant could require APC to increase its precept by at least 8.5% on top of any other rises within its budget. Council Budgets across the country are under increased pressure to deliver their services and GBC is no exception. This places the current LCTSS grant under threat as a possible candidate for budgetary cuts in the future from the Borough Council.

Guildford Borough Council is expected to make a decision in January 2024.

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