Ash Ranges April 2023 Update

Ash Ranges April 2023 Update

The MoD has confirmed to Ash Parish Council that the East to West corridor path has now been completed. In accordance with the firing schedule, this path is to first be accessible to the public from 4:30 PM on Thursday 6th April 2023.

MoD Ash Ranges Announcement:

Public access will be limited to foot gates and all vehicle gates will remain closed as before except when required for emergency access, this will include the main range entrance gate adjacent to range control.

Access will be permitted when possible to the following:

  • Southern Enclave
  • Range Access Road
  • Corridor

Timings for access will be published on the Gov.UK website a month in advance and we will provide a link which can be published on the PC website once confirmed.

There will be no change to the red flag system and regardless of published timings, no access will be permitted when red flags are flying and/or gates are locked. People are reminded that this remains a live fire area with a significant risk to life.

All areas will be open for the Easter Bank Holiday weekend from 16.30 Thursday 06 April through to 07.00 Tuesday 11 April when firing will resume

1 thought on “Ash Ranges April 2023 Update”

  1. Unfortunately “Access will be permitted when possible” is turning out to be “access will be permitted very infrequently”.

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