Ash Parish Council agree 1.89% Council Tax rise (2022)

Council tax Ash Parish Council

Ash Parish Council agree 1.89% Council Tax rise for 2022/23

At the council meeting held on 12 January 2022 the Ash Parish Council (APC) met and agreed on a 1.89% Council Tax rise for 2022-2023. Cllr Nigel Manning explained that the last financial year had been very difficult in terms of income for the Council such as the loss of income from the hiring of the Ash Centre due to COVID-19. This is in addition to the increase in utility costs for Parish owned buildings and street lighting. The budget has been further strained by the withdrawal of funding from Guildford Borough Council (GBC) for the public toilets. Ash Parish Council has confirmed that these toilets will continue to remain open, which is to be funded by the Parish Council budget.

APC has not proposed the removal or reduction of any service currently provided by the council and still plans to proceed with its capital products for the forthcoming year. This is thanks to years of sound financial control to meet both planned and unplanned costs.

What is a precept?

The precept is a tax that Parish Council’s charge their local electors/residents to meet their budget requirements. This is collected via the council tax bill, which includes tax for Surrey County Council, Guildford Borough Council, Surrey Police and the Parish precept.

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