SCC Road Repair: White Lane Road Closures

Road Closure

Planned works:

Surrey County Council (SCC) Highways has issued a notice of White Lane Road Closures between 8am and 4:30pm between Monday 6 December until  Thursday 9 December 2021. This is to resurface the carriageway. SCC has advised that it is essential to keep the road and the parking area free from parked vehicles. Residents are to park somewhere else otherwise your vehicle may be towed away to a nearby road.

Update 09/12/2021: Surrey County Council have said: “We have had to pull off-site for a couple of days due to utility works – we will return on 14 December until 16 December

Information to residents and Businesses

White Lane, Tongham will be closed whilst SCC carries out our resurfacing works. SCC will make sure you can get to and from your house or business when it is safe to do so. Please first talk to a member of staff on-site if you need help, as they can solve most issues. The red line indicates the road closure and the areas of work.


SCC has said that If you have organised a delivery during our works this will still be able to go ahead. Speak to the team on-site about what access is required. There may be a short delay, but access will be maintained when safe. SCC also advises that if you are organising deliveries you should speak to the delivery company to advise them that they will be allowed access and that they need to speak to the team to be allowed access through the closure.


SCC apologise’s if their works cause disruption to your bus service. Please check with your bus operator for any alterations to the service during the closure. Stagecoach offers a journey planner on their website to see how it impacts you, see

Contact SCC
0300 200 1003 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm)
Contact Centre, County Hall, Penrhyn Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT1 2DN

Have you seen a road sign been left behind?

If a road sign has been left behind following any road works please report it to Surrey via the web link

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4 thoughts on “SCC Road Repair: White Lane Road Closures”


    You do not seem to be working on this repair today! When are you going to finish the job? I had arranged for a friend to come for lunch which would be OK if you finished today as stated. I live in Hazel Road the the road is stripped for resurfacing either side of our road? So do I cancel??

    1. Dear Miss Terina Notz, thank you for your comment. Ash Parish News has investigated and has now updated the Article “Update 09/12/2012: Surrey County Council have said: “We have had to pull off-site for a couple of days due to utility works – we will return on 14 December until 16 December”


    Thank you for your answer. I did phone the number on your post and ask the question and they were very vague and only stated they would finish by the 15th which did not help me with the visit of my friend. So because of the daily avoidance of workers and my friend not knowing the area I have had to cancel which is disappointing. Thanks for putting me right though.


    Does Clancy Doc Wara realise that they have stopped the works and should be working on their re-instatement??? I passed the site this Am at 9.30 ish and there was no one there!

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