Public consultation on Land at Forman Road

Land at Forman Road

Public consultation on Land at Forman Road

A Public consultation in respect of the Land at Forman Road has been opened by Lichfields, who has explained that this is being conducted in behalf of Persimmon Homes (Thames Valley) Ltd. A Leaflet explaining the development has been delivered to over 200 households in proximity to the development, which asks residents to participate. This consultation is not limited, and it is open to all residents.

The prosed development

The proposed development of 82 dwellings is of various sizes and tenures, 40% of which are classed as affordable housing. The leaflet also describes new pedestrian and cycle links, public space, landscaping, and biodiversity enhancements. A copy of the leaflet delivered to residents can be found here.

Have your say on the proposed development on the Land at Forman Road

Residents are now invited to visit and review the information contained on the website. Then click the Have Your Say link to leave your comments. The consultation is open until Friday 29th October 2021. Residents are also invited to direct any queries in relation to this consultation to their email address,

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3 thoughts on “Public consultation on Land at Forman Road”

  1. Objection , no more building in ash . We can’t get a doctors appointment , roads are already congested and no extra schools . Enough is enough.

  2. Annie White

    I will be objecting to this development on the basis that there has been significant house building here recently to the extent that we cannot cope with more residents and more traffic until infrastructure improvements are implemented. The roads alone are a problem. GP practices are at breaking point, schools are under pressure, antisocial behaviour is directly related to the lack of provision for youth clubs and similar activities.

  3. Maisie Pearce

    Enough is enough! No more building in this area! Let the builders and the planning departments who allow it do it in their own back yard! The ones who need housing, first time buyers, can’t afford them.
    How many trees will be removed for this site I wonder?

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