New teen shelter proposed for Ash recreation ground

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Teen shelter proposed

At the full council meeting on Monday 11 October 2021 Cllr Nigel Manning, the Chairman of Ash Parish Council (APC), proposed that the council members consider agreeing, in principle, the installation of a teen shelter in Ash Recreation ground.

Cllr Manning explained that through the regular meetings with the police, not only in Ash but within the Guildford Joint Action Group (JAG). The police commented to Cllr Manning that they have a dialogue with the youths in the area and that a youth shelter would be favourably looked on by the youths. The police considered the Balmoral Road side of the Ash Rec as the most favoured position, which is accessible to CCTV.

Proposal discussion

Cllr Nigel Manning addressed the council and asked for comments on this proposal, which is summarised below:

Cllr John Tonks: “I am in favour, following the recent surge in anti-social behaviour, I did some research about what other communities have done. They had proposed teen shelters, and they reported that this had helped. In adverse weather, people look for shelter. Giving the youths an area of their own, where they can congregate and be kids is better, as opposed to having them hang around doorways and entrances. If the location chosen does not work, it can ultimately be moved”.

Cllr Nigel Manning: “The location in Ash Rec will be open to everybody to use during the day and evening”.

Cllr Bill Cole: “It would not be used exclusively for teenagers, it will be a shelter for anyone when it rains”

Cllr Carla Morson: “Primarily it would be an area for the youths / young people to go. At the points they are out of school they can go there, it’s their space. Nobody else will bother them, they won’t bother anybody else. I’m all for it”. “We have to do something to show we are trying to help them. They get a lot of stick, and I think It’s time we show we are not totally against them”.

Cllr Jo Randall: “I am very much in favour of this. The potential sighting of it will be great, it will be visible and a proactive move for the youngsters of the village, and I am all for it”.

As Rec
Ash recreation ground

Proposal approved

All members agreed unanimously with the proposal. The Chairman of the Council explained that following this approval, the council members would receive another report with costs together with design proposals in a future council meeting.

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2 thoughts on “New teen shelter proposed for Ash recreation ground”

  1. I know of a similar shelter back in my old home town. It is regularly vandalised, fires started inside it (including street furniture dragged into it to start the fires with) and left strewn with rubbish. I believe it is now being removed after being there for a number of years.
    If you have a shelter it will become a magnet for the people that abuse the area generally. On the plus side it will keep it in one place (to some extent) but it’s not a solution. It’s a shame – I don’t know what the answer could be. Would be nice to ask the young people what they want of course but you will have the same minority that will abuse this new facility that is supposedly for their benefit.

  2. Mike Jacobs

    With the right encouragement the young people will police this themselves. Ensure they know it is there for their benefit and I am sure they will rise to the challenge. |Lets give it a try at least.

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