Butterflies Pre-school needs your help to find a home in Ash Vale

Butterflies Nursery

A temporary home is needed:

The Owner of Butterflies Pre-school, Natalie Andrews, has asked Ash Parish News to help with their search to find a temporary home until their new premise is completed in October. Their current lease expires on the 19th of July and as term starts in September, they are seeking a suitable space, as a contingency, until their building is ready.

They are looking for a large room with access to an outdoor space, private toilets and kitchen use during their hours of rental. It is desired to be in Ash Vale specifically as many of the parents walk to the Nursery. If you know of somewhere suitable, please email suitable, please email Office@butterfliespreschoolashvale.co.uk or message or call on 07881807337.

Letter from the owner

Our local Butterflies Pre-school of Ash Vale needs your help from our local Community please!

We currently run & rent space in Ash Vale and our last day at this venue is 19th July 2021.

Thankfully we have found a fantastic new place to move to within Ash Vale, though the new build may not be completed by the time September term starts. As there are lots of responsibilities and protocols with Childcare, we are looking for a contingency plan in case there is any delay with the new premises. Our request to stay on at our current place until October has unfortunately been declined and so any suggestions or links to help us would be greatly appreciated. We support 21 children daily Monday to Friday and need help to keep our Pre-school serving our local Community.

It is essential we stay in Ash Vale to support our local families as 55% of our families walk to Pre-school. With over a year of COVID-19 we have provided a lifeline with childcare to so many families & our wonderful children. We have an amazing, devoted & dedicated Early Years team who have helped set up & successfully run a safe, clean & lovely Pre-school since November 2019. We provide a nurturing environment, registered with Ofsted & SCC.

We desperately need a safe & clean premises in Ash Vale (not Ash) from September to October as a back up plan. If you can help in anyway please email Office@butterfliespreschoolashvale.co.uk or message or call on 07881807337.


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