Urgent meeting with the police in response to latest Antisocial Behaviour


Following the reports of antisocial behaviour and the suspected arson attack of a bench in Ash Recreation Ground play park near the Skate Park. Cllr Nigel Manning (Chairman of Ash Parish Council) has again contacted Surrey Police, including the Borough Inspector and the Chief Constable, on behalf of the Ash residents, to request an urgent meeting to discuss the continuing problem of antisocial behaviour (ASB). Cllr Manning wants to see action by the police in tackling this recent upsurge in ASB and has offered all the resources of APC to help. He explains that,

“We have been experiencing increasing and regular ASB at certain locations with Ash with threatening behaviour, numerous fires and arson causing criminal damage and catapulting of CCTV cameras, to name but a few. The residents of Ash have had enough, and it is by far the main issue causing concern and complaints within our community. We need more police presence over here to catch these perpetrators and I believe the time has come for a Dispersal Order to be obtained, to give more power to the police and some comfort to residents!”

“Can I please request an urgent meeting with yourselves in order to understand what the Police can and will do, together with any additional help Ash Parish Council can give to help tackle this unwelcome upsurge in ASB and criminal activity in Ash”

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