May 6th elections 2021


This week residents who have registered for postal votes will be receiving their ballot papers for the elections on May 6th. Registered voters not voting by post will continue to vote in person at your nominated polling station. If you forget to post your vote, you can still deliver it to an officer at a local polling station to ensure it’s counted. COVID-19 safety measures will be in place, and you can find more information about this on The Electoral Commission website.

To find out where your nearest polling station is, visit and enter your postcode.

The Candidate information for all election communications is printed in alphabetical order of surname.

Surrey County Council elections

Within Ash Parish there are two county council divisions which are named Ash & Shalford.

The candidates for Ash are:

Peter Kimber (Labour)

Nigel Manning (Conservative)

Carla Morson (Liberal Democrat)

The candidates for Shalford are:

Phillip Buckley (Liberal Democrat)

Matt Furniss (Conservative)

Susannah Patrick (Labour)

Cecilia Taylor (Residents for Guildford and Villages)

Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner

An election is to be held for a Police and Crime Commissioner for the Surrey Police Area.

The candidates for Surrey are:

Kevin Hurley (Zero Tolerance Policing ex Cheif)

Howard Kaye (Labour and Co-operative Party)

Paul Kennedy (Liberal Democrat)

David Munro (Independent)

Lisa Townsend (Conservative)

Ash Parish Council by election

Within Ash Parish there are four wards and within Ash South a new vacancy has become available. An election will be held to elect a new Parish Councillor.

The candidates for Ash South are:

Murray Grubb Jnr (Conservative)

Carla Morson (Independent)

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