APC Design Competition winner announced

Cllr John Tonks

Letter from Cllr John Tonks:

Congratulations to our winners, and thank you to everyone for taking part this year. We are grateful to the Co-Op that has sponsored this year’s event, which means we have some great Easter prizes for the winners. The Co-op has also made sure that everyone who has entered a design will get a well-deserved treat too. These will be delivered to your door along with a certificate this week.

Our working group also agreed that we shall be printing a copy of all the card designs, which are to be given to Abbeywood care home. As family visits are restricted our aim is to wish all residents a Happy Easter from everyone in Ash Parish.

Cllr John Tonks (Chairman of the Events Working Group, Ash Parish Council)


Please visit Ash Parish Councils (APC) website https://www.ashpcsurrey.gov.uk to see all the results of this year’s competition. You can also see all the designs here https://www.ashpcsurrey.gov.uk/easter-card-vote-now, which will now be sent to Abbeywood care home.

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