How can I report a water leak on the highway?


How can I report a water leak

Whilst travelling through the Parish if you spot a leak on the highway then you can report it directly to south-east water using their online interactive map. The web service is very easy to use and allows you to see issues already reported. Once reported you can also request to be kept informed until the issue is fixed. If you think a leak is waste water or sewage, please call Thames Water on 0800 316 9800 as their online reporting page does not offer the facility to do this for our area.

street leak
Recently reported fresh water leak across the public highway

How much water is lost per day

Discover Water estimates that that South East water alone looses 83 Litres of water per day per household.  Across England and Wales the total is estimated as just under 3 billion litres (660 million gallons) of water is lost every day, which is also equivalent to 1,180 Olympic swimming pools.

Leaks occur for many reasons, including:
• ground movement causing pipe fractures
• pipe corrosion in poor ground conditions
• damage to pipes
• faulty pipes and fittings

Free water saving products

Frozen water pipes can become blocked and sometimes burst as they thaw. Domestically you can take a few simple steps to insulate water pipes and tanks. As well as saving water, this can prevent water pouring through ceilings, damaging buildings and furniture. You can find free water saving products on the South East Water website including a Shower Regulator, Outside Tap jacket & Lagging.


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