Textile recycling from your door step


Since the start of this year the textile recycling at our recycling centres has been very popular. Whilst all recycling is welcomed and to be encouraged, leaving items outside a recycling bin at these recycling centres is not good for the environment and is fly tipping. I would like to promote an existing service which is less commonly known about, which is that you can put textiles out with your weekly bin collection and the council will take it away for you. The items must however be placed into a tied carrier bag and clearly labelled “Textiles” and left for collection on your Refuse or Recycling collection day. For those residents with bins this must not be placed on top of the bin and should be placed next to it. Should the bag fail to be picked up more than once it is recommended that the issue is reported to GBC’s Customer Service Centre.

If you can’t wait for your collection or if you have many items to recycle, you can look up your most convenient recycling centre within the borough, however please note items must not be left anywhere other than inside a bin at these recycling centres.

What clothes and home textiles can be collected


Yes please No thanks
All clothes including under ware and socks Single Shoes
Pairs of Shoes (no singular) Stuffed items such as cushions and duvets
Accessories like belts and bags Dirty & Unwashed Items
All home textiles, including towels and sheets Duvets and Pillows
Large sacks of items (small carrier bags only)

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